Ilford FP4+ in HC-110 Dilution H and Rodinal 1+50

Ever since a brought my self a Yashica Mat TLR-camera i have been shooting lots with that. Here is a little comparasion of my trusted developers: Kodak HC-110 and Agfa Rodinal.
Main reason why i like these developers is the easy usage. With these highly concentrated developer are easy to mix and you can easily get them to the correct temperature. Also i like the fact i don’t have to reuse the stock solution so i can keep my developing workflow a bit more consistent.
I also believe in that the milder dilutions and longer developing times work together in a bit compensating way.

Any way, decided to take two test shot of RaakaLeksa so that both frames ended up on different rolls. Both where and handmeter’d with my Gossen Luna Pro-lightmeter acording to ASA 100. So bit over exposed, but that’s the way you should expose film.

1. Frame. Agfa Rodinal 1+50. This on developed in the original Agfa Rodinal for 15 minutes.

rodinal 1+50-0009

2. Frame. Kodak HC-110 Dilution H(1+63). This one had few times listed somewhere in internet so i decided to develop it for 15 minutes as well.

hc-h-0010In the end i don’t see that much of a difference in them, maybe something small with the contrast but nothing much. Which was i a bit of surprise for me. If i had a better scanner there might bee something different in the grain, that might have been visible if these where shot on 35mm. But anyway both work really well at least in bright sunlight. Maybe next testing things should have some darker shadows in them.