A swan at almost correct distance

When it comes to carrying lenses i always struggle. Most times i try to keep with me only the essentials, lets say two or maximum three lenses. Usually 35mm or 50mm and maybe a wider and some times a small telelens.
This was one of the rare occasions that i happened to have my underused 135mm Zuiko with me and the swan was in somewhat correct distance as well!

Helsinki summer 2018.

A filtered feather

Most reasonably priced OM-lenses have the same filter size 49mm. I have brought my lenses with this in mind. This was taken with 135mm f:3,5 with probably a red filter if i recall correctly. I have all the basic filters for black and white photography but i rarely use them and like this i cant recall what was filter in front of the lens. Lesson for next time TAKE NOTES!

All the shades

Some time ago i switched my main film from Rollei RPX 400 to Ilford HP5+. During same time started using Xtol and fell in love with that combination. All the shades seems to step so easily on their places and the contrast seems really nice and flexible. The combination is quite nice since i use Xtol stock diluted with water 1:1 so i can get the consistant one shot developing. Only down side to Xtol is the 5 liter packs. My trick is store the stock solution in 0,5 liter bottles with the air squished out. When developing i try to use whole bottle to make 1 liter of developer and sink three rolls in it.