3 thoughts on “Just chilling

  1. Very nice photo. Dogs are always excellent subjects, aren’t they? It looks like HP5 PLUS and T-MAX developer get along very well, despite it not being a very commonly used combination. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, they definitely are an awesome subject. HP5+ and tmax developer seem to work really well together. First i didn’t like that combination that much, but now i have started to miss the combination since i am out of that developer 😀

      • Haha, that’s how it always seems to go, isn’t it? We’re always anxious to try the next thing, but then looking back we realize the special qualities of what we had previously that we failed to recognize at the time. Developers are especially bad in this regard. They’re a giant a rabbit hole. The near endless options can honestly be overwhelming. For my work, I think I’ve settled on Rodinal, HC-110, XTOL, and a couple of homebrew solutions.

        Take care!

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