A new toy

Here is a no-brand plastic camera that i found at a thrift store, it came with a broken underwater housing. I have posted a few frames with tag Plastic underwater camera. The camera is really simple even by toy camera standards, there is one shutter and on aperture, from what found on inter they are somewhere in the ballpark of 1/60 or 1/100 and f:8 and f:11. It claims to come with a 28mm which is really nice since there are not that many point-and-shoot cameras with this wide of lens.

Camera is really compact and fully made of plastic. So it is nice to carry around everywhere… at least during the sunny days. Since the camera does not have any exposure settings the only way is to pick a film and shoot during similar days.

The first roll i shot with this was Ilford FP4+. The frames where well exposed but with dull and flat contrast. I realized that was probably due to nature of the plastic meniscus lens that tend to have lower contrast. I decided to fight this issue with using a higher contrast film, Rollei Retro 80s. I had not shot the film earlier but from what i had read i was expecting was higher contrast and possibly lower film speed.

The first two rolls turned out great, not in a technical sense but from what i was expecting: high contrast and unpredictable softness from the lens. Shooting with this camera was really liberating, not worry about anything just snap something. The camera has become go to camera on my walks with my dog Sulo, or at least when it is sunny.

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