My thought on Tmax developer

Last sunday i used last drops Kodak TMax developer. Perhaps a bit more than drops, but anyway the bottle happened to contain just the right amount to develope 3 rolls of HP5+ with 1+4 dilution. I have had this bottle for some time, but every time i have developed with it i am not 100% pleased to the results.
The developer is really nice but still not my resonating with me. It tends to give really good film speed, even to the point that contrast tend to be bit on the duller side of things. Pictures are also missing some punch which is probably due to the lower acutance of this developer. Still it was nice to finally try this developer, but nothing to get me too exited. When shooting HP5+ i have gotten great results in Xtol with little bit less post-processing done, with this i had to do more of the minor corrections in Lightroom. With this in mind and Xtol being so much cheaper developer i will not be buying this anytime soon.

Lately i have started to notice a pattern in my experimentation with new films and developers, the one being that i know which ones i like and should be using them and spend more time on taking the actual pictures rather than thinking about different new films and developers.

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