Ilford Delta 100 comparison: Rodinal and Xtol

Here two shot taken on Ilford Delta 100 film. The first was developed in Rodinal with 1+50 dilution and the lower one was developed with Xtol in 1:1 dilution. Some how i had never shot Ilford Delta films before. That was probably because i did not like Kodak Tmax that much, and since the films are quite similar with the modern grain type. This summer i wanted to try something new and i happened to win i small gift certificate to Kameratori (not a payed advertisement) so i brought few rolls of the film.

These frame where last form one roll and the first from another. Taken at same time and with same exposure and same camera. The Xtol seems to give a bit more film speed but Rodinal packs a bit more punch with grittier look that i prefer.

After three rolls my non-scientific verdict is that the film i nice all around. Every thing quite is nice but a bit too clean for my taste. When compared to Fp4+ the Delta probably technically bit better but the Fp4+ has a bit more character and happened to be bit cheaper. When developed in Rodinal the look is quite nice, but i think it is bit redundant to shoot more expensive film to get look of the cheaper film.
Anyway still really good film but not my cup of tea.

2 thoughts on “Ilford Delta 100 comparison: Rodinal and Xtol

  1. How long did you develop in Rodinal at 1+50? Ilford says 14 seconds, but I’ve seen posts of people backing off to 12 or 11 seconds. Thanks!

    • I developed it for 14 minutes in Rodinal, keeep in mind that it was really old Agfa branded bottle so the modern versions might have bit different time.

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