Flashing with T32

When i am taking photographs i don’t usually use that much flash, unless with point-and-shooters. But lately i have gotten a bit interested using flash and some sort of modifier.
These are two of the first tests using Olympus OM T32 flash with a round cheapo soft box thingy. Olympus T32-flash was back in the days a revolutionary flash, it has still really nice automation. Flash and the camera calculates the exposure of the film surfaces and tells if it was correct. This is nice and works so well that the automation can be easily used with a light modifier. Most of the shots were boring test shots, with a few rookie mistakes. But the exposures were really nice and easy to work with.
The nicest thing about this set up is that i can just connect my camera to my flash and put on the diffuser and i am ready to go without taking any measurements. Easy and fast!

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