Just managed to scan 6 rolls of color film. Quite a strange task, as i don’t shoot that much color the films where from past two years. The rolls contained some lost ideas, some sort of test shot that i have no recollection what i was suppose to test but few really nice shots.
My main difficulty on color film is the amount of color, with black and white i like simplicity of it. All the colors are reduced to shades of gray, with that abstraction i find it lot easier to compose interesting shots.

Here is few shots that demonstrates quite boldly and harshly what i like to shoot with color film. A more limited color palette with some graphic and a bit abstraction added in to the mix.

These where taken at the end of last summer some warm evening in Suvilahti. Cant even recall what camera i used, probably Olympus OM1n or OM4. And yes the underexposure was intentional.

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