Efke 50: First and sadly last roll

I have been sitting on a roll of Efke KB 50 for somewhat of five years. I was starting to shoot film and i brought few rolls form Tallinn, Estonia and this was one. Soon after i noticed that the company Fotokemika had stopped its film production. So i have been saving it past five years.

I finally got my self to shooting it on my girlfriends birthday when we were hanging in park with few friends.

Film was a bit expired but not that much that it would effect film this slow. I developed it in Agfa Rodinal with dilution 1+50 for 9 minutes in 20 °C and it work amazingly well.

These frames are scanned, cropped and slightly edited in the Adobe Lightroom. But still negatives looked amazing when they were drying. This film has really beautiful look without looking too clean or a bit digital. Too bad it has been discontinued, it would be an amazing film for portraits. This one was a lucky shot, it was three or four stop underexposed.

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