My workflow part 2: The process

On the first part 1 i talked about what tools i like to use for developing film. Here is the actual process:

  1. In the beginning i measure the needed water and check that it is at 20°C. The temperature might rise a bit after that but i have never bothered myself with that. Then i measure the developer with a measuring syringe. After mixing the developer with water i pour it in to the tank and start the timer.
  2. I revert the tank four times in beginning and then four times per minute. With longer times when doing push processing i try to agitate tank somewhat ten times. For example if the developing time is 20 minutes i revert tank every other minute.
  3. When the developing is done i pour the developer in to a canister with my other waste chemistry and pour in the vinegar stop-bath. With this i agitate constantly for somewhat of a minute. After that fill the stop bath beaker once more and wash the film once more.
  4. Then is the fixers turn. With fixer the times are not that exact, i try to do at least ten minutes and always a bit longer if the solution is getting old.
  5. My washing method is to fill the tank with water and agitate the tank ten times, then i change the water and agitate tank 11 times. I do this ten times so that the last round has 20 agitations.
  6. Then comes the wetting agent. I run the film through it in a small basin and hang it to dry.

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