Birthday boy posts no pictures

First time ever there will be no picture today. I am terribly sorry for that. The reason for this is computers, especially the ones breaking down. As i mentioned few weeks ago my older computer broke down, though it was expected due to its age. But the newer one allso broke down on me three weeks after that. Now it has been in shop for two weeks and hopefully i will get it back next week.
For the the time being i have only had my Samsung Tab as computer and now i have used all the good pictures from the last roll. So now i have no pictures to share before i get my computer back, which sould be some time next week. I will be posting some thoughts and yarns on my days. Sorry about this.

Well i have not been shooting that much since there has been dark and cold outside this month. I managed to finish two rolls and even developed them so i can start scanning as soon as i get my computer back. Before that i have time to celebrate my 28th birthday(and allso to use it as a secondary exuse for not posting a picture)!

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