Nice toys


Medium format cameras are allways nice no matter the how they come. Whether they are high quality professional cameras pictured here or toycameras like the one that i took this photo.

Now that i have the scanner for medium format film i decided to start shooting with my Certo Phot. This is the camera that got me back in film photography some what 5 years ago. The camera is really simple toy cameratype with a meniscus lens. Basicly a German build Holga with an double exposure prevention-mechanism. Mine had something wrong with the mechanism so removed it.
It takes really nice softish yet somewhat sharp photos with some predictability compared to a Holga. Some how i have never really felt all that Holga-magic but this one has special magic for me. And besides there are few photographs of my favorite author William S. Burroughs carrying a one these. He belived among otherthings that taperecorders and cameras are somehow connected and he tried to perform some spells using them with some success. (Maybe it was magic or just bad PR for a cafe to have an older junky playing loud noise and taking photographs of it vigorously).

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