Gig: Otherhood @ Gloria 15.5.2015.


It’s been awhile since i have shot any gigs. Few weeks ago i went and shot bit over three rolls of Neopan 400 pushed to asa 1600. Developer was Kodak HC-110 with the H-dillution (1+63). The look is girtty but it’s only rock’n’roll as they say :D.
Last time i was photographing Otherhood the venuea was much smaller and the stage lighting wasn’t as good as now so the pictures turned out way too dark with burned highlights from the spotlights.

The show was great and energetic and photos turnd out nice, cant wait for a new gig to shoot! That time i have to concentrate more on compsing instead of caputring. So many shots had the focus in the middle, it’s not the end of the world but there will allways be next time.

Peac out!

Kuva-36 Kuva-32 Kuva-12 Kuva-1 Kuva-7 Kuva-6 Kuva-2 Kuva-10 Kuva-26 Kuva-25 Kuva-23 Kuva-21 Kuva-17 Kuva-18 Kuva-30 Kuva-35 Kuva-29 Kuva-28 Kuva-19 Kuva-15 Kuva-16 Kuva-41

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