ping-1Tampere 30.5.2014.

Pingisklubi is monthly club with group pingpong and awsome DJs. Usually its held at Klubi in Tampere with some excursions to other cities.
This time guest DJs were called Bubblegum Death Squad with brilliantly buildt DJ-set. The group ping pong was really fun even though I did manage to miss most of balls on my turn.

stage-1 Lighting conditions there were kind of ruff and I had to push film up to 3200. In most of the shots lighting was ok but had totally missed the focus by fidling my focus screen and not putting it correctly back in. So the focus off was and i was shooting at F:1,8 so here are the ones that I happend to get somehow working.

ping-1-4ping-1-8 ping-1-5 ping-1-6valot-1ping-1-3Here are the hosts Ansku and…


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