Lempäälä, part 1


I will post few photos from a day in a municipality called Lempäälä in southwestern Finland. I was there on thursday 29th may which is a general public holiday here in Finland. That’s why every place was closed and all the people were somewhere away from the streets. Another reason for that was rainy weather. Whole place looked totally gray, wet and deserted so it was not really inspiring day to spend time outdoors but not bad for monochrome photography. Hopefully these photos convey the mood from that sympathetic municipality..



These photos were taken with Konica Big Mini HG -camera and the film I used was Kodak TMAX 400. I developed it in R09 One Shot (Rodinal) with a new dilution of 1+80. Totally developing the film for 16 min, first agitating it 30 sec., then for first three minutes 5 sec. every minute and after that 5 sec. every second minute. It seems to be good way to use R09 if you want less contrast and grain than with dilution of 1+50 or 1+25.

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