Gig: Ikivirhe @ Liberté 29.3.14.


Last Saturday I went to Liberté, a bar few blocks away from my home to take photos of a band called Ikivirhe.

I know the bass player and had shot him when he was playing with Black Blood.
I have shot a few gigs where my friends have been playing and it is been really fun and every time i have learned something. Last time learned that i have to trust my light meter when it says that there is not enough light (apparently I didn’t know that :D). This time i decided to push film to one stop further to avoid that mistake.
This gig was awesome, loaded with energy and attitude. I shot 4 rolls of RPX 400. There wasn’t too much light so had to put light meter on my OM1n to 1600 and under expose one stop. Even with that most shots where shot at F:1,8 or F:2,8 with shutter speed of 1/60. I developed the films in HC-110 with dilution A for 9,5 minutes at 20 °C with one inversion per minute. I managed to get lighting somewhat working but next time i will try to improve my hit rate so that i would get more usable shot, but it happens when you shoot with aperture wide open. So this time learned that i have concentrate more on focusing.
The pictures came out grainy and bit contrasty as expected with the three stop push and the lighting conditions but still useable. And who would want to see crisp and clean images form a punk gig? I dig the grainy and contrasty look that i managed to get and i will use this film/developer-combination definitely in the future, maybe even with harder agitation.
Speaking of the future i will try to post one longer post like this every month. Somewhat of an article showcasing one of my photographic projects or tests. And I challenge Raaka-Leksa and Patrick to present some of their projects in this manner.



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